“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
- Beverly Sills

“Don't ever give up.
Don't ever give in.
Don't ever stop trying.
Don't ever sell out.
And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment,
pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer, and start where you left off.
But never, ever, ever give up.”
- Richelle E. Goodrich, Eena: The Tempter's Snare

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
- Confucius

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
- Theodore Roosevelt

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Carlyle Vipers Softball | 2015 Season

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."- Beverly Sills

Saturday | October 25

Practices ... for the Fall / Winter season will will be in the indoor batting cages unless otherwise noted. Please park / drop off closer to the street to allow for agility training outside closer to the cages.

Saturday | October 18

The Haunted Trail ... was incredible, way to go Carlyle! We were able to see who the fearless troopers among the Carlyle Vipers were and who were ... well let's say not so fearless? Thanks everyone for a great night!

Friday | October 17

Pitchers and Catchers ... met this week and were able to get a high level overview of the expectations for the coming up season. Getting the Sign, Setting Up, Framing and Blocking were the topics covered. Thank you to everyone that were able to attend!

Wednesday October 8

First Practice ... of the year was held Tuesday officially kicking off the 2015 preseason. The Carlyle Vipers are offcially closing the books to tryouts until January. We truely appreciate all 2015 tryout attendees and wish everyone the best of luck for their 2015 season!

Sunday | October 5

Practice ... will be held for both the 12u and 14u at the high school diamond on Tuesday, October 7th @ 6pm.

Thursday | October 2

The batting cages ... have been completed! Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped in the process over the past few months. Practices will begin starting next Tuesday.

Monday | September 22

Tryouts ... for the 12U and 14U Carlyle Vipers will be held this week on Thursday, September 25th in New Minden, IL. In the event of rain or for more information please click here.

Monday | September 15

Congrats ... to Mulberry Grove Junior High School Lady Eagles who won the semi regional finals Saturday against Altamont with a score of 10-7. The Lady Eagles advance to Regional Championship on Monday at St. Elmo against Windsor. Good luck to the Jr. High Lady Eagles!

Tuesday | September 9

Tryouts ... for the 12U and 14U Carlyle Vipers will be held this month on September 25th. For more information please click here.

Monday | September 1

The indoor batting cages ... are coming along great! The construction phase is about complete and painting is in progress.

Friday | Aug 22

Good luck ... to all of the girls playing school ball this season. We will meet again here in a few weeks to kick off practices for the 2015 season, see you then!

Friday | Aug 8

Tryouts ... for the 12U and 14U 2015 Carlyle Vipers will be towards the end of the school softball season on September 25th @ 6pm. Tryout attendees should meet at the New Minden diamond and bring their softball gear. For directions please click on the "Directions" link at the top of this page. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info@carlylevipers.com

Monday | July 28

The 2014 season ... has come to an end and a special thanks should go out to all of the parents, coaches and players for having faith and fun throughout this season.

The 2015 season looks to be twice the fun and competition as the 2014 season as it grows to 12U and 14U fastpitch softball. If you or anyone you know has questions or would like to tryout for the 2015 season please visit the tryout page by clicking on "Openings" at the top of the page.

Monday | July 20

Tryouts ... were held last week on July 14, 16 and 18th for the 2015 Carlyle Viper's 12U and 14U program. Next tryouts are scheduled to be held in Spetember. For more information on open positions or trying out, please visit our tryout page by clicking on "Openings" at the top of this page.

Monday | July 14

The Vipers last strike ... for the 2014 season was a success in the Round Robin Tourney in Albers this past Saturday. The Vipers played against Xplosion, the Diamond Divas and S.W.A.T. finishing the season by taking 2 of three games in the Tourney.

Game 1 | A single by Angelina (SS) did not help the beginning strike as Vipers left a runner stranded in the 1st inning. Xplosion jumped out on top with four runs in the 1st before getting two strike outs by the starting pitcher, Lindsey and a put out by Emily (2B). The Vipers weren’t able to answer back until close to the end of the game with a strong leadoff double by Emily followed by stolen base opportunities. The Vipers would strike out three and have put outs by Emily, Alexis (1B), Angelina and Harley (3B). The Vipers finished the game taking the only loss of the day with a final score of 1-12.

Game 2 | The Diamond Divas jumped out on top in the first with a leadoff double, followed by a single and two runs scored and another run in the 2nd inning. Down 3-0 in the bottom of the 2nd , the Vipers would strike back with a three run rally and aggressive base running to tie the game. The Vipers would get the go ahead run in the 3rd inning and hold the Diamond Divas to no additional runs to secure the win. Starting pitcher Emily would rack up 2 strike outs and closer Lindsey had one strike out and would allow the defense to get to working finishing eight batters in only 17 pitches. The Vipers finished with a 4-3 victory as time expired.

Game 3 | The Vipers wasted no time in game three with Angels (SS) leadoff single, Kaitlyn’s (3B) single and Lindsey’s (P) single to have bases loaded in the top of the first with no outs. Hanna (CF) and Abbey (RF) would get a hit allowing runners to score sending the Vipers to the bottom of the first with a 5-0 lead. SWAT answered back with three runs in the first. Kaitlyn would get another hit and would end up scoring to send the Vipers striking forward with a 6-3 lead. S.W.A.T scored a run in the 3rd and the inning would end with a strike out, a throw from 3rd and a fly ball to 1st. The Vipers would end up with the win 7-5.

Monday | June 16

The Street Fair ... was a complete success thanks to all of the parents, players and of course the members of the Carlyle community!

Sunday | June 8

The Carlyle Vipers ... are kicking off their first season together with a couple of wins under their belt already and looking forward to a 20+ game season. The Vipers have had incredible success due to the dedication of the parents and players.

Starting pitcher, Lindsey has had success with over 20 strike outs while other pitching has included Kaitlyn, Emily, Alexis and Angelina all with recorded strike outs already.

Hitting has not been much of a challenge for the Viper team as Maddie, outfielder / infielder for the Vipers has an outstanding .389 batting average and a .542 OBP. Close behind with over .200 batting averages are Kaitlyn, Angelina, Lindsey, and Alicia. Hanna has displayed incredible patience with her .444 OBP!

There's no lack of baserunning with a total of 88 stolen bases in such few games! Leaders in this category are Alexis with 12, Maddie with 11, Lindsey and Ellie with 10, Kaitlyn with 8 and Hanna with 8 as well.

Defense seems to be the strong point of this team. Fly balls, grounders or short hops don't seem to rattle the Vipers with a few double plays and many routine outs recorded. The defense has made few errors and keeps it together when under pressure.

The 2014 Vipers should be very proud of the progress thus far this year!

Sunday | April 20

The Vipers ... were able to split a double header on Saturday with the SI Bandits and Xplosion. A beautiful weekend for softball!

Xplosion @ Vipers ... The first game of the season for the Vipers started out close in the first inning with the Vipers holding the opposing team with just one run. Xplosion was able to get a second run in the second inning to bring the lead up, 2-0. Five more runs would go against the Vipers in the third inning and they would strike back with a run in the fourth avoiding the shut out. Viper pitching would talley 8 strike outs on the opposing team but it was not enough to hold them off. Final: 7-1

SI Bandits @ Vipers ... The SI Bandits scored quick in the first inning but not before Viper picthing was able to rack up two strike outs. The Vipers sprung into action just as quick and tied the game going into the second. Outstanding pitching kept the Vipers in the lead the remainder of the game. The defense played its part as well with several nice plays by centerfield, shortstop, second base and catcher. Heads up baserunning was crucial as well to the Vipers win. Final: 3-7

Monday | March 24

The McKendree Game ... was a complete success despite the cold weather. While the Bearcats could not pull away with a victory the Viper team did get to see the McKendree Bearcats in action. Thanks to all that came!

Positions ... As promised (and slightly late), expected primary positions are posted below. Players will move from position to position as needed but the positions posted below are only posted to help players better focus on fielding drills and a more isolated defensive aspect of the game.

Player Number / Position(s)

Thursday | January 30

Tryouts ... have been announced for the last few remaining spots for the 2014 Carlyle Vipers. There will be two tryout dates, Feb 22 and March 8th from 3-4PM at the indoor batting cages. Sign ups before March 1st will have a $0 registration fee. After March 1st there will be a $350 registration fee.

For more information or to RSVP, please send an email to info@carlylebaseball.org

Saturday | January 25

Practices ... are going as planned. In the last few weeks have covered a lot of ground even though the weather outside is as cold as it is. The indoor batting cages make for a good use of winter warm ups and preseason drills. We are counting down with about 12 weeks to go until Game 1.

Tuesday | December 18

Drawing ... was held Tuesday night at the batting cages. The player that sold the most tickets was able to pull the winning name and that winner was notified. Thank you to everyone that helped in the fundraiser!

Sunday | December 15

Visa Card Drawing ... will be moved to Tuesday, December 17th due to the bad weather that came into our area. All tickets will be due Tuesday night and the drawing will take place at 6:00PM.

Friday | November 22

Website update ... has taken place over the past few days. There were some broken links, forms that needed to be updated and some pages that needed updated pretty badly. Here are a few changes:

Sponsors Page: The sponsors page now has "Donate" buttons for sponsors to donate online as opposed to having to write a check or use cash. This also allows them to make donations at their convenience in regards to time.

Downloads Page: The downloads page now has the fundraiser forms available for reprint or download. You cn also download our 2014 logo from this page.

All pages: All pages have been updated with proper colors of purple and gray to reflect the team colors.

FAQ Page: The FAQ has been updated with a few additional questions.

Tuesday | November 19

The tornado ... hit just one block from our batting cages on Sunday afternoon. Luckily our building was saved. The tornado did however do damage to the New Minden community. Clean up is taking place this week and anyone who is free and willing to help with clean up this Saturday please let me know. Anyone who needs a ride, I can pick them up at Super Valu in Carlyle @ 9:45am.

Saturday | November 16

The November meeting ... at the cages were held today where we were able to do a walk through of the batting cages and the diamond. There will be another meeting Saturday, November 23rd @ 1PM for those that missed it.


Monday | October 14

The website ... has been modified to fit the team color scheme. The yellow has been completly removed from the site. Enjoy!

Tuesday | October 1

Kaskaskia College ... was kind enough to allow us to sit in on on a practice Tuesday and talk one on one with the 2013 Kaskaskia College Softball Team.

2013 Kaskaskia College Softball Team & the 2014 Carlyle Vipers

2014 Carlyle Vipers

Monday | September 30

Finally ... the team has an identity! The team colors, name and mascot have all been selected. The 2014 Carlyle Vipers will have a main color of gray with purple trim.

Uniform design will be next, I think it's going to look sharp!

Saturday | September 29

Mascots and Team Names ... were due as of lastnight and below you will see the entries. To cast your vote, simply choose the best mascot and select its number in the survey.Everyone had their chance to submit a drawing and these are the entries:

Voting has been removed and results have been counted!


Friday | September 28

Kaskaskia College ... has invited the team out to a practice next week to talk to the head coach and also the players themselves. We will plan on attending and getting some questions from our players for their players. It should be inspirational for the Carlyle Select Softball Players to see how the collegiate girls practice through the season, how they prepare for the season and hear some of the other obstacles along the way! Hopefully the importance of grades will come up at some point!

Wednesday | September 25

Team names and mascots ... are due Friday! Make sure you get yours turned in! Send your drawing or clip art to info@carlylebaseball.org!

Monday | September 23

Congratulations ... to the CJHS JV Team on their 2013 winning season!

Saturday | September 21

Fund raiser ... went very well! Thank you to all the parents, players, Super Valu and the community for the support! This fund raiser in particular is going towards batting cages during the off season. The Carlyle Softball team will now have a place to start developing not only their skills needed for the game but also team building well before the 2014 season! Thanks again!

Congrats goes to Randy T. who won the Kindle Fire raffle!

Tuesday | September 17

Mascots, team colors and logos ... are all being worked on and being turned in. Great involvement from everyone and it's looking interesting in the color category. Finish turning in the mascots and logos and if you haven't voted yet, you can vote if you scroll down on the page.

Sunday | September 15

Survey ... for the team color is ready. Cast your vote for the team colors!

Voting has been removed and results have been counted!

Saturday | September 14

Thank you ... to everyone who showed up to last night's meeting! We were able to to cover a lot of topics and start putting the building blocks in place for the 2014 season.


Friday | September 13

Questions ... have been asked about missed tryouts and availablity. Great news! The answer is yes, we are still molding the team for the 2014 season so if you missed a tryout or are interested in securing a spot for the 2014 season please email us at info@carlylebaseball.org (Yes, we know...it's softball! This will change in due time)

Wednesday | September 4

Team meeting ... will be held in the next 2 weeks for all parents / players to meet each other and begin going over expectations for the 2014 season. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Tuesday | September 3

Final tryouts ... to take place for the summer were held on Saturday. Phone calls were placed this past weekend and players were offered spots on the 2014 Carlyle Select Team. Thanks to all that showed up for the tryouts over the past few weeks!

Wednesday | August 28

Team meeting ... to be scheduled in around 2 weeks. This meeting will be to get everyone introduced and start the planning of the 2014 season. A location, date and time will be sent out after tryouts this Saturday.

Friday | August 23

Tryouts ... will be held Saturday, August 31st in New Minden from 10am-1pm. For directions, please click on the directions link on the left hand side of the page. We hope to see you there!

Saturday | August 10

Tryouts ... today were held and a final tryout date will be set for mid September before the winter break. If anyone 12 and under in the Southern Illinois area is interested in securing a spot before the September tryouts, please send an email to info@carlylebaseball.org

Friday | August 9

Tryouts ... will be held tomorrow on the diamond in New Minden. Directions can found on the link to the left. All girls from Southern Illinois are welcome to tryout.

There are not tryout fees for this tryout, this is a free tryout and anyone 12 and under by December 31st can try out.

Monday | August 5

Tryouts this weekend ... will be open to anyone in the area interested in playing on the 12U Softball team. The tryouts will be this Saturday, August 10th from 10am-3pm and open to anyone interested that is 12 years of age and under as of Decemeber 31st, 2013. (It's ok to be 13 in 2014).

Hope to see you there!

Saturday | August 3

Tryouts ... were a success today! There were some really talented local Carlyle players that showed up and made quite an impression! There is still room on the team and we need more players to help fill in spots.

If you missed today's tryouts and are interested in trying out, please come to the next tryout on Saturday, August 10th from 10am-1pm or send an email to info@carlylebaseball.org for more information.

Catchers, pitchers or outfielders in Carlyle? This 12U team needs you to step up and make a play in your community!

Monday | July 29

Clarification ... on age is as follows:

12 years old or under as of December 31st, 2013 (Its ok to be 13 years of age in 2014). Apologies for any confusion of age for the 12U team.

Saturday | July 27

FAQ ... A FAQ page will be loaded here shortly with common questions / answers. Here are a couple of facts about the team to help understand the general direction.

  • Registration fees ... can be anywhere from $0 - $250 depending on parental volunteers and fund raiser events. If the majority of the parents would rather just pay registration fees as opposed to have fund raisers then we will obviously have higher registration fees. Registration fees / fund raisers will cover cost of diamond prep, insurance, equipment, uniforms, umpires, tournament costs, etc.
  • Team communication ... will mostly be sent via this website, text, emails and at practices.
  • Schedule ... A schedule will not be available until midway through the winter. Days of the week, teams played, etc will all be announced when the schedule comes out.
  • Practices ... An indoor batting cage will be accessible on cold / rained out practices, otherwise we have a diamond accessible. Practice days have not been determined yet but will likely be a minimum of two days a week. Anyone needing a ride to practice is more than welcome to ride with the coach assuming there is room.

Saturday | Jul 20

Tryouts ...will be held for a 12U Select Softball Team exclusively for 12 and under Carlyle School District students on Saturday, August 3rd from 10am-1pm at the New Minden, IL diamond.The students must be:

(1) 12 years old or under as of December 31st, 2013 (Its ok to be 13 years of age in 2014) and;

(2) Attend Carlyle Schools

In the event that not enough Carlyle Students try out or make the team, try outs will be opened up county wide to finish building the team. These secondary tryouts will be held on Saturday, August 10th. More information will be posted as needed.

All attendees will be assigned a number. Results will be posted within two weeks of the try outs on the website.



“To become a master at any skill, it takes the total effort of your: heart, mind, and soul working together in tandem.”
- Maurice Young

“Keep your standards even when everyone around you is losing theirs.”
- Habeeb Akande

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- Winston Churchill

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